Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Natural Collection - WHITE eyeliner!

This was in fact a completely random purchase from me.
I always wear black eyeliner on my waterline and occasionally will stray into wearing bright colours, but not often so to get a white eyeliner was quite a brave decision for me! Go me!

I purely decided to get the Natural Collection one as it was the cheapest at a bargain price of £1.99! That way if I felt it didn't suit me there weren't much money lost.
But the truth is I actually really really like it! It makes such a difference to wear a white eyeliner rather than black. It brightens my eyes up and makes them look more awake... Which I'm sure you will agree is a good thing :)
I love the fact it is a little different aswell, you can kind of channel that 60's vibe which I ADORE as I love the fashion of the 60's!

The eyeliner itself goes on smooth and I have no problems with it what-so-ever. The picture of my eye doesn't really do it justice but I thought I would add it anyway. I have it on the bottom waterline and I just feel like it makes my eyes look bigger and brighter :)

So there you have it! There's not much to say about an eyeliner really but I thought I would post about it and urge you to try it if you normally wear black eyeliner as you may be surprised about the effect it can give!

Rachel xxx :)

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