Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Amazing Nspa Beauty Box! (From Asda!!)

I first heard about nspa from Ruth (a model recommends) I absolutely love her and her skin is just flawless so when she mentioned liking a hot cloth cleanser from the nspa range in Asda my ears shot up and I knew a trip to Asda was needed immediately!
Now having a brain like a sieve I completely forgot all about and wondered in Asda to actually look for some popcorn for the cinema... Sweet popcorn yuuum! Anyway back onto the subject in matter! A light bulb suddenly went off and I remembered the hot cloth cleanser so I rushed over to the beauty section and was pleasantly surprised about the range of beauty products they do! So when I spotted this beauty box that includes the hot cloth cleanser and 3 other beauty products I snapped it up!

The box itself is so cute and would make an amazing present for someone or yourself (like I did!) and it includes 4 products that you use in order (all of the nspa range has an order of when you should use them so they are number 1-4)

  • Number 1 is cleanse and this is the Melting Cleansing Gel
  • Number 2 is exfoliate and this is the Hot Cloth Polish with Muslin Cloth
  • Number 3 is treat and this is the Illuminating Beauty Serum
  • Number 4 is moisturise and this is the Brightening Day Cream with SPF 15
I LOVE the fact that it has an order in which you should use them. Somehow it just makes me want to do the routine! So onto the products in question...

1) Melting Cleansing Gel
This is the first step in the cleansing process and is used to 'draw out impurities and clarify skin, sweeping away make-up for a clear, clean, bright complexion.' Having never used a melting gel before the texture of this took me by surprise as it feels like applying a primer to the skin! It has such a smooth feeling on the skin and once massaged onto the skin I then add some water which turns it into more of a milky consistency.
It feels so unusual on the skin but in a way I quite like it and does get rid of most of the make-up on my face which is where step 2 comes into play...

2) Hot Cloth Polish

Now this is the exfoliating section of the regime as it comes with a standard muslin cloths as all hot cloth polishes do and claims to 'buff away dull skin cells , refining the pores and smoothing the skin for an even tone and soft texture'. I love this! Having used the rather famous Liz Earle one I can safely say its pretty much the same and does exactly what it says. It's an absolute dream to use and I can see why Ruth included it into her favourites!

3) Illuminating Beauty Serum
I got rather excited when I spotted this in here as I must say I have never used any sort of illuminating serum before and this claims to 'condition and replenish the skin with Vitamin E and essential oil of Neroli for a naturally luminous glow.' Now this stuff is gorgeous! It can be a little bit scary when first applied onto the face as your face literally sparkles! But once foundation is added on the top this literally shines through and makes you skin GLOW like nothing else. It's beautiful and this can also be added on top of make-up for a little pick me up. It's really fantastic when your skin is look a little dull as it just makes you look a 100x more awake and fresh!

4) Brightening Day Cream with SPF15
I love the fact that this has an SPF included as I always forget to add an SPF when it comes to my make-up. This claims to 'restore and nourish thirsty skin with luxurious moisturisers to soften and protect the skin.' I'm going to sound like a broken record but this is lovely! It sinks into my skin so easily and just leaves a great base for me to apply my make-up after with the added bonus of the SPF 15 it leaves me knowing that I am protected too!

So honestly this is probably one of my most exciting finds for a long long time. It costs £10 which I think is amazing for 4 products and gives you the opportunity to try out all the products before you commit to buy them full size.
I am seriously impressed with all these products and think the box is genuis!

Rachel xxx


  1. This is an amazing wee box for a tenner! Definitely picking one of these up next time I'm in ASDA! Xx


  2. It really is! A great way to try out some different products for cheap! :)
    Thanks for stopping by! x

  3. oo I love beauty boxes. Definitely going to get this one!
    Thanks for the review.. £10 is a pretty good price!

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  4. I saw this today, definitely picking one up tomorrow!

  5. Hi I have just tried these 4 products and will keep you posted