Friday, 13 January 2012

Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask

I got this sent from Glamour as I am part of the Glamour magazine panel trial. You can read about this more in this blog post I done.
My skin LOVES this product. ALOT.
I love products that double up as a face wash and a mask as it saves room and helps me to remember to use it as a mask as well :)
I mostly use it as a mask and it makes my skin feel so good after I have used it. I have noticed that each time I do use it any blemishes I do have appear reduced the next day and I do believe it is down to this! :)
The product itself contains Vitamin E, Avocado and Pomegranate fruit extract which is an anti-oxidant... OOO :)
As a mask you leave it on for 3 minutes and then rinse off which is handy cos I normally brush my teeth in this time and most probably dance around for the last minute to music that I normally have on while I'm getting ready for bed.. haha!

I really do like this product and I will most certainly be re-buying this product as my skin feels so soft and clean each time I have used this :)
You can buy this from Superdrug. It retails for £3.49 which is a bargain, I think :)

Today I also got some Clearasil Vitamins & Extract Cleansing Wipes :
Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Scrub :
Both of these were also sent to me from Glamour upon which I have to review as part of being on their Glamour panel :)
I'm excited to use these as part of my skincare regime and of course you can expect a post on these with my thoughts on what I think :)

Rachel xxx


  1. I'd love to give that face mask a try. I don't use many high-street type of brands for my face but I still use Clearasil face wash to this day. I think I've used it since I was about 13. I've tried changing to things like Clinique and other more 'up-scale' brands so to speak, but I've ended up getting break outs in my otherwise always clear skin.

    So long and short of it is, I basically swear by Clearasil for cleansing my skin. I think it's amazing. Interesting items, thank you for posting!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah sometimes it can be the cheaper products that seem to work over the more expensive ones, and that's always a good thing! haha xx

  2. Thats such a clever idea having a wash and mask in one, would definitely be interested interring this :)

    1. And the best thing is it's at an affordable price so you can try this out! ha! :) xx

  3. great reviews :=) following your blog beauty tips, hope you visit mine too


    1. Thank you Rochelle! I'm now following you too! x :)