Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Clearasil Daily Clear PerfectaWash

So I got this sent to me via Glamour magazine as I am signed up to there 'Glamour Panel' but I will get onto that later...
This is the new Clearasil Daily Clear PerfectaWash:

What is it?
I was very surprised when the postman knocked at the door and gave me a box, I was not expecting anything through the post (for once) so when I opened this I was very excited indeed!
Clearasil have brought out a gadget that I haven't seen any other brand bring out in regards to face washes as it is a 'dispenser' which is meant to provide the perfect dose of face wash which I think is a fantastic idea. I don't know about you but I always worry that I'm using to much face wash and sometimes this is the reason my skin tends to dry out or the opposite; that I'm not using enough hence not allowing the product to work at all (oh what dilemmas we have to go through.. ha!) 
So as the rubbish blogger I am I didn't even think to keep the outer box OR the information sheet that was included *Smacks self on head* So I have had to do a little research...
The facts 
The wash contains 'Superfruit Extracts and Vitamin E' and thus is specifically designed to be used by people with oily skin (tick) and those prone to break outs (tick) perfect. The refill provides a 100 washes when used both morning and night and by my calculations that should last around 7 weeks.
What do I think?
I have REALLY enjoyed this product. Alot. It actually has really improved my skin and really reduce the blemishes that I have had, it smells amazing as well (which is always a plus!) It is so nice to know that I am using the 'right' amount of product without having to guess with other face washes. I am definitely going to be repurchasing this as because I now have the outer part I'm only going to need to buy the refill that goes inside it.
How did I get it?
I am signed up to the Glamour Panel upon which Glamour magazine will send you emails asking if you are interested in receiving products and taking a short survey a week or so later (depending on the product).
It is definitely worth signing up to as it is FREE so why not?! You can sign up to the panel here. They pick 250 people at random, so it's worth a shot at signing up!
Let me know what you think about this product!
Rachel xxx
P.S This post is no way affiliated with Glamour magazine or any other company, as always it's just my 100% honest opinion! :) xx

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