Monday, 25 June 2012

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner pen Carbon Black Extreme

Such a long title for a product but at least we are all nice and clear what this post is about now! :)

I'm going to lay straight out there and say that I'm not the most artistic person so when it comes to eyeliner this is a must have as it is so easy and fool proof to drawn on:

As you can see it is pretty much like a pen so creating a line is ever so easy as there is no fiddling about with a little brush which can tend to get very messy on me and makes it look like a 5 year old has drawn over my eyes... attractive look eh? ;)
The pen nib is really soft so it makes the application really easy rather than some other experiences I have had with other eyeliner pens which have been rather scratchy and don't really create an even line.

The pen is pretty pigmented and goes go on a lovely dark black which is obviously perfect for that black eyeliner look!
Cue the rather weird eye shots:

As you can see that's what it looks like on ^^ :) 
It lasts for as long as I decide it does which is a bonus as I'm sure nobody wants that ' smudged eyeliner look.'
Overall I really do like this eyeliner. I don't really think it's anything groundbreaking but it does the job well and I love it :)

Retails at boots for £6 which I personally think is a bargain!

Rachel xxx

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