Saturday, 13 April 2013

Garnier Summerbody

Unfortunately in the UK we haven't had the best start to Spring, it's been cold, wet and windy, so anything to put a little colour in my life is seriously welcome and this is where Garnier Summerbody comes into play.

I have had this since last summer and I remember how much I loved it so I dug it again and thought I would give myself a little 'pick me up'! The only thing I remember not liking so much is the smell. It's not AS bad as other gradual tanners I have used but it still smells a little funky however the colour it gives seems to be worth the smell for me!

When it comes to getting a tan the 'fake' way I much prefer gradual tanners as I feel it gives you more control and has your moisturiser locked into it too and if I'm being honest I'm not so good at applying fake tan... Orange streaks anyone?!

With this I always buy the Deep sun-kissed one rather than the lighter shade I know they do. I am quite pale to start off with but I just find that this works better and gives me a quicker result.
It leaves my skin looking really healthy and tanned and just gives my skin a kick in the right direction to summer!
Now I did mention the smell, which is the traditonal biscuit sort of smell, and yes it is there which is a shame but to battle this I tend to apply a moisturiser with quite a heavy scent about an hour or so after I have applied this which then helps to mask the smell.
I do really love this and is just lovely to use when its rainy and cold outside and reminds me that summer is, hopefully, around the corner!

Let me know what Gradual tanners you use and if any smell nice!

Rachel xxx

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  1. I've always wanted to give this a go! I used to use the Johnsons one but that doesn't smell that great either! x