Monday, 11 March 2013

Dainty Doll Haul via Fragrance Direct

Is it just me or does getting new make-up make you go all giddy and excited?!
I was browsing Fragrance Direct and came across Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll collection and nearly everything cost £1.99 which is absolutely fantastic that you can get your hands on, which were previously known to be high end make-up, for under £2!
So I decided that 3 blushes and a lipstick were coming home with me!

The Lipstick:
005 In His Kiss - £1.99
This lipstick is so lovely. It's a dusky pink with a gold sheen going through it.
I can't say I have had anything similar to this so it's lovely to have something new in my collection. The lipstick itself is really creamy and gives a really lovely sheen on the lips without looking to over the top.

Cream Blush (1)
002 My Girl - £1.99
In many ways this cream blush reminds me of the lipstick.
Like the lipstick it has the gold sheen going through it which I think would look GORGEOUS lightly patted on the top of the cheeks i.e where you would traditionally put highlighter.

Cream Blush (2)
003 Billion Dollar Babies - £1.99
Now this is not a blush I would usually go for as it looks quite dark and, with it being a mauve colour, quite difficult to make it work.
I purchased it as I wanted to branch out and try something a little out of my comfort zone. However when swatching this it is actually a really gorgeous light pink which I think is going to look amazing on the cheeks, creating a gorgeous dewy look for spring/summer.

Powder Blush
002 My Girl - £1.99
I thought I would save the best till last as I have literally fallen in love.
I think this is beyond gorgeous. The colour is so beautfiul and the texture of the blush is something I have never experienced before! It's so smooth and soft without being chalky and is an absolute dream to use. This is most probably my favourite blush I own and the mere fact it cost me £1.99 is incredible. I certainly wouldn't mind paying alot more for this.

I think for the price of £1.99 these are fantastic!
I purchased mine from Fragrance Direct and I would definitely recommend having a look ! 

Rachel xxx

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  1. Love booth cream blushes - so pretty and what a bargain!!! Thank you for sharing. X