Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How I Clean My Make-up Brushes!

Now I am going to be the first one to admit that I don't clean my make-up brushes anywhere near as much as I should. I think that's down to lazyness and just being forgetful but when I do think about the amount of bacteria that must be on those brushes it does give me the heebee jeebees!
Now I am not sure how often is acceptable when it comes to giving your make-up brushes a really deep clean? I'm thinking every 2 weeks? Mine get done probably every 2 months so there's a lot I need to improve on!

 Organic Surge daily care face wash
My weapon of choice for cleaning my brushes is a Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash. I just find this really helps to remove all the make-up and grime from my brushes but any gentle face wash, baby shampoo or brush cleanser will do.

I then fill the sink up with cold water a little bit and get a bit of the face wash in my hand.
I wet the brush in the water and swirl the brush in the face wash and pretty much repeat the process until I'm happy! I do also wash the brush under the tap too just making sure everything has been rinsed off.

Not sure why I am including this picture ha ha! But this is what colour my water turned after washing my brushes... Lovely!

Now after they have been washed I gently squeeze the excess water from the brushes and mold them back into shape. This then just helps them to regain the shape they were before washing them.
I must stress it is important that you don't use a hair dryer to help them dry as this could damage and melt the glue where the brush head is attached to the handle, so no matter how impatient you are it is best that you do let them air dry.

And that is how I wash my brushes! How do you wash yours? How often do you wash them?
I am thinking of picking up a on the spot brush cleanser which will help my brushes keep clean while I'm on the go too.

Rachel xx

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