Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Oh so yummy!

seen better days... But well used!
When i first saw these Lush lip scrubs pop up on the internet world via youtube and blog posts I thought all my dreams had some true... No seriously I did....
My lips were so dry and nothing would seem to battle the dry flaky bits on my lips (attractive)!
So when I popped into Lush to purchase one I didn't. Why? The price! These are £5.25 and I am not sure why but to me that seems a little too expensive to spend on a lip scrub. I was expecting these to be around £3.00 so I toddled of home and put the lip scrub to the back of mind...

But it doesn't stop there because I got one! I was so excited when I found this in a Lush gift box for Christmas!

So onto the product...

I have seriously been using this ALOT over this cold period and it doesn't seem like I have dented it at all; result!
It smells and tastes exactly like popcorn, which sometimes, can get a little too addictive yuuum!

I usually get about this much on the top of my finger and scrub onto the lips. Once it is the on the lips I lick it off (which lets be honest is the best part)!
It actually does really help soften my lips and I especially love using it before I put lipstick/lipgloss on the lips to make sure the products have a smooth base to sit on.

My only bug bear with this, which I talked about earlier, is the price.
I think over £5 is a little to expensive for this. 
But once you finally use this it does become a little addictive so I think I will be a little sad when this goes and will most probably re-purchase because I really want to try the bubblegum one...

Rachel xxx

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