Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Now I am pretty sure you are sick of seeing/hearing reviews about this but never the less I'm going to give my review here on the blogging world as I think this product is bloody fantastic! :D

It's taken me a while to pick this up and like everything I think it was mainly due to the price. At it being retailed at £4.99 I felt this was a little expensive for a nail polish remover when I normally pick one up for no more than £2. Now I have tried it I wouldn't care if it cost more!

So I am sure you know how to use it but if not all you do is place your finger in the hole above and twist it! Pretty much simple as that! Anything that makes any part of the nail beauty regime easy is a winner in my books.

So here we have my chipped nails. It felt really strange actually taking a picture of my nails when they are chipped! Haha! Normally used to showing my nails when they are all lovely and painted !

So I twist my finger in the pot around about 5-6 times and this is what happens....

So as you can see it hasn't taken it all off but the majority so back the fingers goes...

taaaaa daaaaa!

Now the only issue I have with this product is how it is marketed as on the front as it says 1second per nail. Now this is rubbish. It takes longer than 1 second more  like 10-15 seconds. Lies Bourjois lies! But of course 10-15 seconds is still fab!

It's just such an easy product to use and makes the whole process of removing nail polish an actual fun task to do. I will definitely repurchasing this and I can't wait till other brands copy Bourjois and bring out their own versions too!

Rachel xxx

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  1. It looks amazing... I really want to try it :P