Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Latest In Beauty Advent Calendar!



Now I know what your thinking. Its nearly the end of January and I'm blogging about an Advent Calendar?! Well despite this I'm not going crazy I'm just a little tad late when it comes to picking this up. Because ideally I would have got this in time for the start of December but the fact that it was priced at nearly £60 I just didn't have the cash to splash being Christmas and all that.
So when I saw this for HALF PRICE there was no option of not getting it. I had to have it.
I can seriously say I have never in my life been so excited to open something! There are 24 doors to open and behind each one is a beauty item! Now if that's not my idea of heaven I don't know what is!

I was apprehensive of posting on here what the contents are inside as some people may not want to know if they are thinking of picking one up. So this is why I am making this disclaimer now. I am going to posting some pictures below and a list of what it is inside so If you don't want to know then please don't scroll down but if you do then lets begin! :D

Although I wasn't obviously opening these items day by day but all at the same time I still opened them in order which took me about an hour as I was so excited looking at each item!


There we have them! In all there glory! Now I guess your most probably squinting at your screen to see the items so therefore I have take more up close shots so we can have a closer look...

Now starting from door 1-24 we have:

  1. Mavala nail polish
  2. The vintage company eyelash curlers
  3. Benefit they're real mascara
  4. L'occitane hand cream
  5. Richard Ward volumiser root booster
  6. Espra eye serum and moisturiser
  7. Perricone no foundation foundation
  8. Philosphy purity made simple 3in1 cleanser
  9. BIOEFFECT EGF serum
  10. Dermalogica favourties pack
  11. Jo Hansford intensive masque 
  12. Balance me radiance face oil
  13. St Tropez instant glow body lotion
  14. Bellapierre eyeshadow
  15. Mirenesse lip gloss
  16. Aromatherapy associates revive morning bath and shower oil 
  17. Nicky Clarke instant calmer
  18. Steam cream moisturiser
  19. Yardley body spray
  20. Eve Lom rescue mask
  21. Trilogy rosehip oil antioxidant +
  22. Mont Bleu crystal nail file
  23. Balm balm lip balm
  24. AS london candle
PHEW! So there we have it!
This is half price at the moment at £29.95 which I think is absolutely fantastic! Including the p&p which is £4.95 your looking at £34.90 so by my maths that is about £1.45 each product!!

This is most probably the most exciting thing I have ever received through the post until the next one comes along of course!
I was thinking that in all honesty I would most probably wait until after Christmas to buy this again due to the fact that it goes down to half price!
http://www.latestinbeauty.com/youac/ Theres the link to the website if you fancy getting hold of one yourself and I highly recommend you do before they sell out as you get some fantastic products!

Let me know what you would like a review on and I can of course get round to doing it! I am planning to work my way through these products and doing reviews on them but I have no idea where to start so if you would like a review(s) on any particular items let me know :)

Rachel xxxxxx

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