Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly!

This is one of the 2 Lush goodies my Auntie got me for my birthday so a massive thank you to her <3
Everytime I see this in Lush I just can't resist on touching it and giving it a little wobble, childish maybe but it always makes me smile! :)
When I opened the little bag it was in I was so happy to see this and try it out. It smells AMAZING like cherries and blackcurant, so if you like those kind of smells I'm sure you will love this.

So this is basically jelly and it has iridescent bits of glitters in it too which of course is a lovely touch as everyone loves a bit of glitter right?! :D

Now using it is a little tricky.
You break a bit off when in the shower and rub it all over the skin which is where the tricky part is. Unless you hold it so tight to your skin it falls everywhere (as of course it is jelly) and you end up having to pick it off the shower floor for the majority of the time. But to be honest I found this to be quite fun and as long as you hold it tight to the skin you can get quite a good lather from this and the smell is just unreal! It smells SO strong and sweet and I just can not get enough of it.
You can put this in the fridge or freezer if your brave enough as I can imagine it will be quite cold when rubbed on the skin, but I may try this one day :P

I think this is such good fun and is a perfect birthday/christmas pressie as it is something different and something you can have a good giggle over :)

Have you tried this?
Rachel xxx


  1. I haven't tried Sweetie Pie but I love Whoosh! I find you get an unreal lather if you use a poofy wash sponge thingy haha! It works super well with these shower jellies :)

    1. Oh wow thanks for the FAB tip! I tried it in the shower with the poofy wash sponge thingy (haha) and it worked so well! Thanks! :)