Monday, 23 July 2012

July's Joliebox

So after last months delivery fiasco (which I must say Joliebox dealt with very well) this months box came fairly quickly :)
This box is pretty jam packed which is always exciting! So whats inside I hear you shout... (Yes I heard you ;))

All the goodies:
As you can see there is a lovely selection but of course a picture like that just isn't enough we need a more in-depth view right?! 

One by one... 
ETAT PUR - Biomimetic Skincare B09 - Express purifying mask 50ml
Full Size - 50ml  - £7.50
I love face masks. There is something about them that every time I put one on it makes me feel like I am really pampering myself and really giving my skin a good old treat! 
I was actually a little disappointed that I didn't get the Salicylic Acid instead as I would have LOVED to try that out so if you have done a review on your blog of it link it below because I may just purchase it anyway with the 10% code that was included in the box! 
Expect a post on this once I have tried it out... and of course the obligatory scary face mask shot ;)

JANE IREDALE - Tantasia Self Tanner 
Full size - £24
Now like most of the reviews I have read on this box I feel the same about this product. It's a little on the small side. 
It's a gradual self-tanner for the face and body. Now the fact that it is a gradual tanner makes me wonder why it is so small! I can't imagine being able to get many uses out of this and the only place where I feel you could see it working is on the face, but the very thought of putting a self-tanner on my face scares me. So I'm not entirely sure what to do with this... Have one arm tanned and the other pale... Sexy ;)

NAILGIRLS - Gold and Bronze 
Full size - £10.50 each
I love the fact that they have included 2 nail polishes :) Being a nail polish addict myself I can't get enough of nail polishes and these ones are so gorgeous. I love that these are inspired by the Olympics and the colours are so perfect for summer and would look fab on the toes and fingers.

WEN BY CAZ DEAN - Sweet Almond and Mint Cleansing Conditioner - 60ml
Full size - 480ml - £24.95
I am super duper excited about trying this! I love receiving hair care products in boxes like these as I feel I never really go and buy myself much in the way of hair care treatments. This smells so minty and refreshing and the most exciting thing is the fact that although it is a conditioner it apparently foams up?! So I can't wait to try it out! :)

ESSENTIAL CARE - Organic Rose Moisturiser - 15ml
Full Size - 15ml - £7.50
50ml - £19.00
 This is a little bonus product to apologise for last months box being so late. I was secretly hoping and wishing that I would get the Taaj water as I really want to try that out but I got this moisturiser instead.
It seems everything now is scented rose and claims to be organic. The problem is I really dislike the rose/herbal scent so to be honest I think I will just give this one to my mum. Shame really as if it was scented anything else I would have been happy. Am I the only one who doesn't like the rose scent?

Joliebox Toe Separators 
This is another bonus little product which I think is so handy to use when painting the toes... A lovely little extra!

I also LOVE the Joliemag too!
So there we have it! July's Joliebox! 
I think the box is jam pack with goodies which I can't wait to try out! Yippeee!!

Rachel xx


  1. that's a good box! I like the nail polishes colours... have you tried them yet? how they last? I have never see this brand before. x

    1. Nope can't say I have yet as I already have some polish on but once I do I will do a post! Very excited to see how they look :) x