Friday, 4 May 2012

Bourjois 123 Perfect and Revlon Photoready Primer both on offer!

So I'm sitting here with the boyfriend in my pajamas. He's on the Xbox and I'm on here writing this, oh and I must also mention we are both eating doritos with the dips. Heaven! :)
So there you have an insight to what I do on a Friday night! Haha!
Anyway's more onto the actual post itself!

Please note that I haven't actually tried these out yet just thought I would show you what I got and have a little chit chat :)

These are both what I brought today when I popped into boots.
To be honest I need another foundation like I need a hole in the head. Do I ever listen to my inner self telling me I need to stop? Well no of course! Where would the fun in that be? ;)
I already have the Bourjois Flower Protection Foundation which I actually really like so I thought I would try out 123 Perfect Foundation as it was on offer for £6.99. Now normally with foundations I am the second lightest most of the time but I thought I would get the lightest as when I swatched it on my hand it didn't actually seem to be that light and if it is I do have some foundations that are a little to dark for my liking I.E orange :/ So if it is too light I can always mix... Anyone else do this? Or just me? ha!

I never really use a primer in my make-up routine if I'm honest. I have a MUA one I brought for like £4 but it's stuck in my make-up draw unused. I'm not sure why I don't, well actually I do. It's because I'm lazy. LOL.
But I had a £2 off any Revlon product coupon from Boots in my purse and thought it was about time I used it. I was actually looking to purchase a Revlon Lip Butter but thought I would purchase this instead and I actually made quite a saving which I will tell you about...
The Revlon Photoready Primer is on offer for £8.99 
I had a coupon which would take £2 off making it £6.99
BUT the coupon would not work on the self service till so the sales assistant directed me to the main tills and the lady also couldn't put the coupon through so because she had trouble doing so she somehow but it through as only £5.99 yay! Saving me £3. So I'm quite happy that I managed to get it so cheap and I'm really looking forward to trying it out!

Let me know If you have used either of these products and what you have thought of them!

Rachel xxx
P.S expect some blog posts soon on both of these when I have begin to use them :) x

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