Monday, 12 March 2012

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-up Corrector Pen

This was sent to me through the post as I believe I entered a give-away that Simple were doing. I always love receiving through things like this through the post and it's a nice little surprise when I completely forget I even ordered or entered my details! :)

So I have heard quite a few positive things and thought it was a fantastic idea and after receiving this and trying it out my first initial thoughts haven't changed! :)

 So the whole idea behind this pen is to correct any mistakes that you make when doing eye make-up and I can vouch that I make a few!
When I apply my mascara I nearly always get the whole 'mascara has touched my skin after applying it' fiasco! Haha! 
And also when using eyeliner it can sometimes sneak onto the skin where you don't want (annoying!)
So this is aimed at dealing with those problems... And it does it perfectly! 

Here is a demonstration of how well it gets rid of the eyeliner on the back of my hand...
 Now you see it...
...Now you dont! :)

When removing any make-up with the pen you don't need to rub at all you just glide the pen over the 'mistake' and it just simply disappears!

This is a fantastic little product which I am so glad I have as anything that makes applying make-up that little bit easier/quicker gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Rachel xx

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