Monday, 12 March 2012

March Glossybox - The HARRODS edition!

I was so excited when Glossybox announced that they were doing a 'special box' for March and so I re-subscribed straight away! (good job Glossybox!). When I found out that they were teaming up with Harrods I was super excited as I knew this box was going to be on the higher end of luxury and everyone deserves to have a little luxury in their lives, even if it does come in little minitures! :)

Onto the box...

So here it is! A lovely little lot don't you think?! Of course as always it's nice to get in-depth and have a look and each of these gorgeous products....

Onto the products...
Narciso Rodriguez - For her - Eau de Parfum 1ml
Unlike most people I actually like having perfume samples in these boxes. It allows me to smell different perfumes and try ones that I would never usually go near. This is one of them. I am so unsure about how I feel about this perfume because it is so not the one I would usually go for. This perfume (to me) is quite strong and musky and I usually go for more fruity or floral ones but I do like it and noticed it lasts for a LONG time, I could even smell it on me the next day AFTER I had a shower... nice... :)
Full size - £55.50*

Molton Brown - Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower 50ml
Now this product to me is exciting! Normally when it comes to shower gel I buy the cheapies, so basically the ones that are on offer in Boots or Superdrug and never normally spend probably over £4 on them so to get some Molton Brown in the box it excites me... tragic I know... ;)
As soon as I saw the word 'Ginger' I thought 'Oh No' as I dislike the smell of ginger BUT as soon as I smelt it, it all changed. It smells GORGEOUS! 
Full size - £18.00*

YSL - Forever Youth Liberator Serum 5ml
Now THIS is what I call LUXURY! Normally I would never ever go near any YSL product as to me they are way out of my price range so it's such a lovely chance to have my hands on it (even when it is in a mini form!)
So this is a serum that targets 'wrinkles' and thus 'helps to increase youthful activity in skin cells.' So again this is a product that isn't necessarily suited to me, so I may pass this onto my mum. But never-the-less it's an amazing brand to be included in the box!
Full size - £60.00*

Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip Cover - Rosewood 0.8g
 I let out a little  big squeal when I saw this as it's a BURBERRY lipstick!! (I know I don't really get out much) haha! But I am so super super excited about this product being in the box! I am not going to go into too much detail about it as I actually thinks this deserves it's own little post>>> Post here
Full size - £23.00*

Clarins - Extra-firming Body Cream 30ml
 Now I need another 'body cream' like I need a bullet in the head BUT it's Clarins so I will make the exception... :)
This smells GORGEOUS and I was quite surprised when I tried the product out as it takes a lot of squeezing as the cream is quite thick what is what I like, as personally, I feel that;s going to be moisturising for my skin.
It claims to 'immediately help to lift and tone, for firmer skin and a younger looking body'. Anything that is going to help to lift and tone gets a thumbs up from me! Will be looking forward to trying this... :)
Now just as a little side note, when I looked on the Harrods wesbsite I couldn't find the brand 'Clarins' listed anywhere. So do they actually sell Clarins in Harrods?
Full size £28.00*

So there we have it, the Harrods edition! I must admit I do REALLY like this box. Alot. It has a great mixture of products and it has a BURBERRY lipstick!!! :D

Let me know what you think of this box... :)
Rachel x

*The prices were found on the Harrods website for all of the products except the Clarins body cream.

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