Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Benefit - Realness of Concealness - Mini "fake-it" Kit

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I got this nifty little kit when I subscribed to Elle Magazine.. You can see that post here.

I was so excited when this came through the post as I do love benefit products and because they can be on the little expensive side getting this was even more of a bargain!

This kit is basically a 'Concealing and Highlighting Kit' and contains 5 products upon which I will go into more detail about... :)

First up is the 'Ooh La Lift':
Extracts of raspberry & chamomile help to de-puff and firm the under eye area.
To Use: Apply lightly and blend to help de-puff & firm under eye area.'

I must admit I don't really pay much attention to taking care of my 'under eye area' and don't really apply under products so this is a lovely little product to get me started!
It feels really refreshing when applied and spreads out evenly but to be honest I haven't really noticed any difference to my under eye area which I think is because I don't really have any 'puffiness' but even so I do notice my eye area being a little bit more brighter :)
Full size : £16.50

'Lip Plump':
'This neutral toned primer helps to smooth & fill in lines while building the lip contour.
To Use: Dot and blend on lips. Allow to dry before applying lipstick.'

 I LOVE this. Alot. I use this before I apply lipstick or lipgloss and it just helps the product to stick and glide so easily over the lips. It blots out all the colour on your lips so any lipstick you do apply will show their true colour and will help it to last longer. Perfect!
It also does (like the name suggests) plump your lips as with this product it makes your lips look more full and, well, plump! :)
I will definitly be repurchasing this and it is such a great product to have.
Full size: £14.50

'High Beam'
'This satiny pink highlighter is perfectly ethereal on all skin tones.
To Use: Dot & blend over makeup on to cheek and brow bones

 This is such a lovely product to help you get that gorgeous radiant glow and can be applied pretty much anywhere you want the light to hit. I really do love this product when applied over make-up as it helps to give a natural glow and really does make your skin look 'healthy'.
Full size: £18.50

'This light yellow correcting cream instantly hides discolouration on eyelids.
To Use: Apply and blend with fingertip on eyelids to hide discolouration.'
 I don't really think this a product that is well suited to me. I can imagine this product being really good for someone who does have discolouration on their eyelids as it really does provide a good base on the eyelid and helps nuturalise it. Never-the-less I have been using it and enjoying using it before eyeshadow, as like lip plump, it does help the product that goes on top show it's true form.
Full Size: £16.50

'Boi-ing 02'
'This industrial strength under eye concealer hides even the darkest circles.
To Use: Pat on with fingertip and blend to under eye area to conceal dark circles.'

 I have always wanted to try this as I am always on the look-out for a really good concealer to cover everything that needs to be covered i.e. Dark circles, blemishes and discolouration on the face.
I have used this mainly on my under eye area and on any blemishes and it really is a great concealer! It covers what needs to be covered which I suppose is the point?! LOL.
If I were to repurchase I do think I may go for the lighter shade as this does come across a little dark but nothing that a blend can't sort out!
Full Size: £16.50

Overall I am glad I have this little kit in my collection as it is a great way to try out the Benefit products without having to pay full price for them! The products themselves are lovely and pretty much do what they say so it has a thumbs up from me!

Rachel xx

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