Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sanctuary Micro-Dermabrasion Body Renewal

Sanctuary Micro-Dermabrasion Body Renewal

I recently got this when I popped into boots as it was on the 3 for 2. This was a spare of the moment pick up as I already had 2 other products and thus was on the search for the other one when I spotted this.
I have always had the problem with having 'bumps' on my legs. I believe this is due to the irritation I get from shaving as my skin can be quite sensitive.

What is the product for?
This Micro-Dermabrasion Body Renewal Polish is for ''micro-bumps' which mainly appear on the backs of arms, thighs, buttocks or knees and can give a mottled or 'chicken-skin' appearance.'
So of course this product then claims to 'polish them away using the unique power of micro-silicates from fossilised seashells' << OOO err! 
Now I mainly picked up this product to battle the bumps that I do have on my legs which have been there ever since I started shaving. I felt like I wanted something that is a little bit tougher than just your standard exfoliator. 

What does it include?
This product includes Micro-silicates from fossilised seashells. Micro-silicates are in fact 'minute organisms that were fossilised millions of years ago'
It is also fragranced 'with natural essences of grapefruit, lemongrass and mandarian' which are known for their toning properties!
This makes the polish smell absolutely gorgeous and really refreshing!  

How do you use it?
To use this product you actually apply it on DRY skin before getting into the shower and massage it on the areas for around 3minutes. Then once in the shower you continue to rub it in and then, of course, rinse off. Simple... :) And it is to be used 1-2 times a week.

What is it like to use?
This is such a gorgeous product to use! It's like a very fine gritty scrub which works amazingly well at doing exactly what it says.

Has it made a difference?
It has made a MASSIVE difference to the bumps that I did have on my legs! They have virtually disappeared which NO other exfoliant has ever achieved before.
It also makes your skins REALLY soft and smooth and just thoroughly clean, which I'm sure that's what we all want our skin to be like... :)

I'm really happy I picked this up as it is such a pampering product to use to make your skin feel really soft and smooth... :)

It retails at £9.45 which I think is a fantastic price considering what it claims to be and what it includes. It is also going to last a long time as you only need to use a little as it goes a long way!

Rachel xxx


  1. Sanctuary are a great brand def going to look out for this

    1. They certainly are. I have found with all there products they are just so reliable... They do what they say and they do it well! x :)

  2. Dermabrasion really makes the skin glow and become healthier. This post will surely benefit those who have skin problems.