Monday, 6 February 2012

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

This feels like the proper first make-up brush I have owned, and I suppose it is if you compare it to the cheap make-up brushes which are readily available in superdrug/boots that I have gone through, so as 'stupid' as it may sound I now feel a bit more 'grown up'... :)

If you have not heard of the Chapman sisters (Pixiwoo) then I suggest you get on Youtube as fast as you can and watch their videos (after reading this of course)!
They are both AMAZING and were the first people I ever watched on Youtube in regards to beauty videos and inspired so much and taught me so much as well!
Samantha Chapman has a range of brushes out which you can find here BUT they are planning to bring the brushes into Boots!!! EXCITING!!! :D

I decided to purchase the stippling brush as there is SO much positive talk about it, and to be honest it is a great all rounder as you can use it in SO many different ways!
It can be used with:

  • Cream foundations
  • Liquid foundations
  • Powder foundations
  • Cream blushes
  • Powder blushes
  • Highlighters
  • Powders to set the face!
Phew! So pretty much any base your going to be putting on your face this will work with, which is an absolute bonus, as you can get so many uses out of one brush!
I am useless at trying to explain things so I will just recommend you watch this video where Sam talks about the brush and shows you how to use it! 

I can honestly honestly honestly say this is the best investment I have made in a long long time!
It makes my foundation look flawless and stay on my skin so much longer than when I used just my fingers to apply.

You can purchase the brush here. Although I got mine from love make-up, it doesn't seem to be on there anymore.. Maybe sold out?
But I know they are bringing the range of brushes to Boots!
This stippling brush costs £10.95.
Pictures of the brush...

The packaging...

 The brush!

 I do actually apologise for not washing the brush, or taking a picture before I actually used it! I was just so excited to use it and show you guys!
It also stands up! BONUS!


  1. Great review.
    Btw- I do the same thing. I use something because of the excitement :) and than I realise that I forgot to take pictures of the product :)


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    2. Lol yes I need to stop and think blog first! Lol x