Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Garnier Pure Active Roll On

Recently my skin has been beyond terrible. I have got so many blemishes around my chin area along with blemish marks... Lovely... :/

So as I was walking around Boots after payday.. (dangerous!) I noticed this. I picked it up purely because it was on offer at £4.99, I never really believe all the claims that are plastered all over the packaging so I rarely buy products like these but I thought this time I would actually try it out and give it a go, and I'm so glad I did!

It's a roller ball that, well, you roll on over the spots/marks you have! Simple.

It has 2% Purifying Salicylic Acid which 'has an instant drying effect to fight spots even before they appear' and is enriched with HerbaSoothe which 'provides immediate soothing relief.'
The fact that it has 2% Salicylic Acid is great as it is the highest amount you can get over the counter and is fantastic for fighting blemishes!

The roller ball application is super easy to use and it feels so soothing when you roll it on the 'problem areas.' I noticed that my blemishes did reduce and any spots that I feel are coming up don't really appear after using this on the area.
I actually enjoying using this as I have noticed a difference and it is super easy to use at any time on existing blemishes and any that feel like they are going to appear!

I would recommend this product 100% as unlike over products I have used for reducing my blemishes have just made no difference whereas this does actually work and also it is on offer at the moment in boots for £4.99 so grab it while you can!

On another note I am currently waiting for my Feelunique box! Exciting! :)

Rachel xxx


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