Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Moray

Now I got this eyeliner in my October Glossybox and I was SO excited! I had never tried anything from Stila before so I was super excited to try it out and see it was like!
Here is the eyeliner:

The colour is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! It's an Olive green with Gold running through it. At first before I tried it out I was very unsure what this was going to look like when applied to the eyes but I shouldn't have worried as it looks really lovely:
P.S - Excuse the eyebrows! They are in a desperate need of a good threading session! Hehe!
 Without mascara...
 Just made quite a thick'ish' line on my eyelid..
 With mascara... It looks so lovely on as you can see the colour just 'pop' 

The eyeliner is SO creamy and smooth it's amazing! It feels so lovely to apply and doesn't tag on my skin at all! (I didn't even have to hold my skin taught to apply it... a-maz-ing!)

So as you can probably tell I'm pretty in love with this eyeliner... The colour, the texture, the way it applies and the way it looks is just great!
I'm now really tempted to try out the different colours in the range as they all look amazing! I would love to try out the blue one's in the range:

Let me know what YOU think!
Rachel xxx
UPDATE - After writing this post I wore this for the whole and YES it did indeed stay on! Yay! :)


  1. Ahhh I've yet to try mine out yet! But wow that is GORGEOUS! I'll be trying mine in a hurry now!
    But omg, I found the best bargain ever, a dupe for mac strobe cream for £1.45!!! Please check out my review i'm a new blogger though I've been reading and watching others for about 4 years now! I think its worth a read :)

  2. It looks gorgeous!

  3. I love this too, one of my favourite items in the box - I'll definitely be repurchasing x