Monday, 17 October 2011

October Glossybox!

So here we have another 'edition' of Glossybox! I LOVE the way my Glossybox arrives so early in the morning, meaning that I'm always going to receive it before I pop off to work! :)

So this months Glossybox is 'titled' SIX PACK. The card inside is basically saying 'Thank You' as it has been 6 months since Glossybox started. I believe I have received 5 of the boxes as I was to late with the first one.
Here is the box:

So you get 3 DERMALOGICA AGE SMART products in the box and these are:
Multivitamin Theremafoliant and Multivitamin Power Recover Masque

Renewal Lip Complex - This came in the beauty bag and on the card is described as the 6th extra

The products do feel really lovely when I tested out the polish and face mask on the back of my hand. I am so happy that there is a lip product as my lips need all the help they can get in the Autumn/Winter!
So obviously these are all focused on anti ageing but I'm only 21 so I don't really need any help in that area but it will still be good to try these out never-the-less.


So this a gorgeous pale pink colour (I know other people got different colours and I LOVE the blue one people got!) I will be excited to try this out! :)

STILA Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner (In Moray)

Now this is a lovely product to be included. I have never tried any Stila products so this is a bonus for me!
The colour is very unusual (a dark green which gold going through it) and totally not what I would normally go for which  is what I love about having a beauty box, trying new things out that I wouldn't normally!
Update.... I made a review of it here with pictures ! 

ROBERT PIGUET Eau de Parfums

I was very surprised as with a first glance I thought it was only 1 perfume sample but found out it was actually 3! (yay)! All of these perfumes are intense and smell gorgeous! I am going to try them out each for the next 3 days, which is very exciting!

Overall I think I am happy with this box. The things that I am undecided about are the Dermalogica skincare products that have been included and I think this is due to the fact that they are anti-ageing products, something I feel I don't really need to start using yet. Never-the-less I will be using these products and testing them out! :)
Let me know what you think of this months box and leave me the link to your blog post below if you have done one as I LOVE reading other people's thoughts!
Rachel xxxx


  1. Baby doll is gorgeous. I got the orange one.


  2. You can use the dermalogica products even if you're young! Just use them sparingly like once every two weeks or every month! I'm in my early twenties and it's perfectly fine for me to use on my skin! I tried both of them today and omg my skin has never felt smoother! LOVE IT! x

    You can check out my review at

  3. @Alex What do you think about the Orange one you got? Looks like a really fun colour to have!

  4. @blog-a-beaute That's good to know! I used the skin polish one and my face felt SO soft afterwards! Love your review about the box! Glad you loved it! :)