Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rimmel Disco Ball Nail Polish With Ciate 'Wait until dark'

So I'm back with a new (ish) layout on this blog. To tell you the truth I was just getting fed up with the old one I started with as I felt it was too cluttered so I decided to go with something a bit more minimal and here it is! :)

So today I felt like doing a blog on my new  FAVOURITE nail polish and this is Disco Ball by Rimmel. (I believe I got this in Superdrug when they were doing an offer 2 for £5 I think)

I adore this more than words than can possibly say. (Yes it's only a nail varnish but hey it's a bloody nice on! ;))
It's a truly perfect glitter nail varnish which can be worn on it's own but I must say I do prefer wearing it over a coloured nail varnish and this is where the blog comes in! I was doing my nails and totally fancied a look that I don't wear that often and that's a dark colour on my nails and so thought I would pair it with Ciate 'Wait until dark'

As you can hopefully see via the pictures it's a gorgeous dark purple colour with so many different colours going through it gold, green. blue and probably many others!
So here is the finished look:
I loved this picture blurry as it shows the really sparkle of Disco Ball!
I love these paired together! It gives my nails such a pop as they are so dark with the ciate on but then are transformed when putting the Disco Ball by Rimmel Nail polish on!
Disco Ball is such a fantastic nail polish as it can be paired with any colour to transform it into being lovely and sparkly!
Let me know what you think and whether you have these nail polishes!
Rachel xx

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