Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Feelunique Beauty Box

So YES i have caved in and signed up for the monthly beauty box!
I am currently signed up to the Glossy box and I recieved 2 of these boxes so far. I decided to sign up to the feelunique box mainly due to the fact that it's cheaper at £9.95 a month whereas the glossy box has now gone up to £12.95 a month. I feel that alot of people may do this as although £2.95 doesn't really seem that much once you start adding it up over the months it soon adds up to being quite alot!
I am really excited to receive my feelunique beauty box, although I feel it will be pretty similar to glossybox which can only be a good thing if it's cheaper!
But knowing me I will probably end up having the 2 subscriptions as I know I will be too worried in missing out on the next box as it will most probably included all the things I want!
Let me know what beauty boxes you are signed up to!
Rachel xxx

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