Friday, 30 September 2011

Kleenex Skincare!

So as I was walking round Superdrug aimlessly looking for nothing I noticed Kleenex in the skincare section! This is strange I thought, since when has Kleenex been part of a SKINCARE/BEAUTY routine?! I have always just associated it with having a cold or having a box next to me when watching a romantic film!
As I walked closer I noticed the range and got more and more intrigued and excited!

I picked up the facial cloths and was instantly drawn in to the packaging which is gorgeous! They are basically cotton pads upon which you can use your facial cleanser, toner, and taking your nail polish off! So basically they can be used like any other cotton pads but they claim to be 'softer than cotton wool pads' and they claim to also 'cleanse skin better than cotton wool.' I instantly put these in my basket as they were also on offer at 99p (YAY!)

Another item in their range is 'Shine absorbing sheets' so basically blotting papers. Recently my skin has become extremely oily so I was on the look out for getting some of these and so these instantly went into the basket! These are very handy to keep in my bag to try and control the oil on my face without having to disturb my make up. These were also on offer at £1.49!
What are the products like to use?
The facial cloths
They actually look like tissue you would use on a day to day basis! BUT they are SO SO soft, like amazingly soft. They are quite thick in texture and are very durable which is good considering you are going to be using some sort of cleanser or nail polish on them as normal tissue would just rip and go everywhere!
They feel so good to use and are much more softer than the ones I am currently using, which are the superdrug own brand of cotton wool pads.
The shine absorbing sheets
I was actually waiting for my face to get oily so I could test this out! Once my face did I peeled out a sheet and just dabbed it on the oily parts of my face (mainly on my cheeks and chin) and voila the oil had gone! This is the first time I had tried any kind of blotting sheets so I have nothing to compare this to but I am pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use and it worked just like it said!
Would I purchase the products again?
So far so good! I have only had these for a little while but there is no reason so far that I would not purchase these again! So basically that's a big YES! :)


  1. ooooh shine absorbing sheets? i need to get some of these! :D My nose and forehead get really oily and it's really annoying and looks like i'm all sweaty! : ( i might have to invest! XD thanks for following! :D

  2. @lucyclark;D Yes definitely do! They are currently on offer at the moment so make the most of it :) x