Saturday, 1 October 2011

Some goodies from The Body Shop!

So I had two £5 vouchers to spend in The Body Shop as I managed to get these from The Telegraph newspaper. The best bit? The vouchers had no minimum spend! Result! So meaning you could stroll into The Body Shop and stroll back out without spending a penny? But did I? Well no... ;)
The lipstick
I was after a new lipstick as I don't really have many in my collection so thought I would check out what The Body Shop had to offer and I must say I was pleasantly surprised about the colour range they had! After almost instantly seeing the one I wanted I picked it up and knew it was the right one for me!
I picked up the Colourglide lipcolour in shade 73 Ice Pink and here it is:
So as the shade name suggests it's a gorgeous iced pink colour! I knew I wanted a lipstick like this, as I knew it would be so easy to wear with any outfit and it wouldn't be a to 'out there' colour.
Here's what it looks like on:

I love the way this lipstick is extremely moisturising and glossy as you can see you could almost describe this as a 'your lips but better' lipstick!
It originally costs £9 but with the voucher that went down to £4 and adding my member card I paid £3.60 overall! Bargain! :) I would love to try out some other colours in this range as I love the way it goes on and it just feels SO moisturising!
Tea tree skincare
Recently my skin has been quite bad. It has become oily and I have had a few outbreaks on and around my chin which have been a complete pain to try and get rid of :( So I decided to have a little look at their Tea Tree range as I have heard many great things about it! I picked up the Tea Tree skin essentials 'gift set'. I thought this would give me a great opportunity to try it out and see if it would work for me.
The tea tree skin essentials:
So you get:

  • Skin Clearing Facial Wash
  • Skin Clearing Toner
  • Skin Clearing Lotion
  • Tea Tree Oil
My idea behind this is to just use these products for about 2 weeks and make an assessment on whether my skin has improved or not. By just including these into my skin care regime I am hoping they are going to help my skin improve as it has just been awful at the moment. After about a week I will do an update with another blog post to let you know whether it has improved my skin and whether I have noticed any difference.
These originally cost £10 but with the voucher it went down to £5 and using my member card it went down to £4.50, another bargain!

Let me know what you think and whether you have used any of these products!
Rachel xxx

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