Friday, 30 September 2011

Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner!

So I got the Ojon damage reverse shampoo and conditioner for FREE yesterday after taking up the fantastic offer they had in John Lewis!
Basically if you shifted your backside up to a participating John Lewis store and gave the Ojon team a EMPTY bottle of any branded shampoo in return they gave you a FULL size bottle of their 'damage reverse restorative' shampoo AND conditioner!
So before work I rushed down the Oxford Street store crossing my fingers that they would have some left (I'm always one of those unlucky people who rush to somewhere to find out all the stock has gone). So to my joy I found the Ojon counter and waited in the queue to receive my FREE shampoo and conditioner!
The lady who spoke to me was lovely and explained that this shampoo and conditioner was especially good for dry and damaged hair... RESULT! She took some details from me (name and email address) and handed me over the products, before she did she said 'this altogether is worth around £40' £40?!?! I was in shock! There is no way I would ever ever spend near to £20 on a shampoo or a conditioner! So that just made the smile of my face get even bigger, knowing that I had got £40 worth of shampoo and conditioner for free! :)
What is the shampoo and conditioner like?
So I used this in the shower and I was pleasantly surprised! You only need a little bit of the shampoo as it does lather up really well and while lathering it up in my hair I really started to notice the smell. Now I wouldn't say it's the nicest smelling shampoo I have ever used, in fact I'm not that keen on it, but that aside when I washed out the shampoo I noticed how smooth my hair felt! I then proceeded with applying the conditioner and massaged it throughout my hair and washed out. 
Did it make any difference to my hair?
After drying and styling my hair (using a hair-dryer and straighteners) I noticed my hair felt REALLY soft and shiny. Now this is my only time using the shampoo and conditioner so to see any real difference in terms of reversing the damage that I have done to my hair, I believe I will need to use this for a couple of weeks more to really be able to see any difference, but so far so good!

Let me know if you picked up this at John Lewis and tell me what you think!
P.S Would you by a shampoo and conditioner priced up at around £20?
Rachel xxxxx
On a little side note I have realised that I have deleted everyone's comments on my other blog posts! So sorry about that, I am still trying to get used to using this... promise it won't happen again :)


  1. i need some of this! I straighten my hair almost every day :/
    too bad about the smell though... :P
    i followed you, you could be my 50th follower? ;D lols!

  2. Oh lucky! Unfortunately, it was already sold out when I got there. :(

  3. @Alex Oh no! :( Don't you just hate it when things like that happen?! :(