Friday, 19 August 2011

August Glossybox!

So the door bell went at 7.30am and I woke up so excited knowing that it would my August edition of the Glossybox! Thankfully my mum received it from the postman (Thanks mum!) and she handed it to me in bed. My first words were (YES MY GLOSSYBOX IS HERE!) Other people had got their Glossyboxes the day before as I believe they send them out in 2 batches, so hearing people had got their Glossyboxes made me really impatient as I wanted mine too! But enough of the chatter lets get down to it! :D (I wonder if this excitement will last every month?!)
So this months Glossybox is Wash &Glow: 5 high performing products for easy-going girls

So here's a run down of the products!

Murad Time release Blemish Cleanser 30ml

Quite happy about this product being included, always have seen the brand on the internet but I suppose I never really got round to purchasing any to try it out. Quite a nice try out size and it reduces blemishes while battling wrinkles!
Ahava Mineral Body Lotion 40ml

I have never heard of this brand so I was quite excited when I saw it in the box (I love trying new things!) I have never really used a Mineral Lotion before (I think it is just Mineral Spring Water) I applied this on my arm and WOW this smells incredible I'm not sure what kind of fragrance this is but it smells SO good! Happy Happy Happy! :)
Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara 15ml

I LOVE trying out new mascaras! So I was happy to see a mascara in the box and surprised how big it was! It's a full size mascara with a nice big brush and I am so excited to use this (YAY!)
KMS California Colorvitality shine & shield 150ml

I wonder if Glossybox were reading my mind when they sent me this?! This a creme that fights frizz, provides heat protection and promotes movement and shine. I had just literally ran out of my heat protection spray so I needed a new one and look what was in the box! So excited to use this!
Rebel Nails Nail Wraps 

This is an interesting item to be included. I have seen various people use these (mainly on youtube) so I was quite intrigued to see these in the box. I am not to sure on the pattern but these are used for the toes so worth a go I suppose, I can use these when I'm feeling creative and on one of them days where I have nothing to do... Quite excited actually.. :)

I will be doing a FULL review of each product once I have used them and got to know what they are like so keep watching this space! :D

So overall I am SOOOO happy with this months box, even the mascara alone is worth around £l5!
Let me hear your thoughts on this months box and what you thought of the products and whether you got anything different?
Rachel xxx

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