Friday, 22 July 2011

Highstreet make-up in clothes stores....

I got inspired to do this post as when i went out today i noticed how many of the high-street clothes shops now do make-up! Of course this is not a new thing as it has been like this for a few years now, but for some reason i noticed it more than ever.
Any high-street clothes shop you go in now does make-up. The shops i am referring to are such shops like:

  • New look
  • H&M
  • River island (perfume)
  • Peacocks
  • Primark
There are probably many more but these ones stand out the most to me when writing this blog. Make-up is now become so accessible we seem to never get away from it! As you are queueing up with your items you are bombarded with all sorts of make-up items which at that point you feel you need to pick it up because it seems 'cheap' but you know as soon as you get home it's going in the draw with all the other make-up items you probably are never going to use. 
So today i was one of them people and picked up some make-up items from Primark, Peacocks and H&M while in the queue and i thought i would show you guys. Right now i do have high hopes from them as i have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of such cheap items but is it a matter of time before they disappear into that draw? Most probably.
 So here we have a 'block bronzer' from Primark that cost me £1!!!!! Amazing price for what you get!! The pigmentation is actually pretty good and it can be used for the cheeks or as individual eyeshadows... Bargain.

The next one is some nail varnishes i got out of H&M:

 These only cost me £2.99 for 4. The colours are not that bad once you get them on the nail but i can imagine they are going to chip really easily. So £2.99 is cheap but is it really worth it if they are going to chip? I don't know.
 The next thing out of H&M i am actually really happy with and it's a foundation brush and blusher brush. It is actually really good quality so i'm really happy about that!

The next thing i got was a blusher from Peacocks. Again i was there standing in the queue when i noticed it sitting there with a £1 sticker on. Again as most make-up in clothes shops it's cheap but is it good quality. Well surprisingly yes!

The last thing i am going to show you is this gorgeous perfume which i love from Riverisland and it only costs £4.99!

So overall this blog post was about making myself think about make-up and what it really means. Make-up is now so accessible and is becoming ever so cheap but on the other scale is also becoming really expensive. The make-up industry is now realising that they are able to sell make-up at a really high price (high end products) but at the same time are also able to sell it for really cheap as it will be brought (by people like me). Make-up is becoming so accessible and making it easy for people to experiment. Even though the nail varnishes probably won't last it's nice for me to experiment with colours and thus i can always look for similar colours when looking at BarryM.
Let me know what you think of what i have said throughout my post. Are there any great highstreet make-up you love which are situated in fashion clothes shops? Let me know!
Rachel xx

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