Thursday, 21 July 2011

The July Glossybox!

I have been so excited to receive the Glossybox for July and so here it is!

I was super super excited to receive this as i have been waiting since May!
The theme for July's Glossybox is:
-The products you need to get in the mood for fun in sun!
Reading this on the card that is included made me even more excited to have look through the products and see what treats await me!
The reviews of the products are in the no particular order so here we go!
Ultrasun Face 30 - Found the full size product on amazon for £14

I was so happy to see this product in the box as it is so important to the protect your face from the sun. Even I have to to admit that when it comes to protecting my skin from the sun my face always seems to be neglected in this process. The size of the tube is perfect for sticking in your handbag when on holiday and the high SPF of 30 is great for all holidays. The product does actually smell like marzipan to me, or maybe that is just me? I'm not sure so let me know what you think. I have noticed that on the product it does promote it helping with the anti-ageing process which has no meaning to me as i am only 21 but never the less i suppose it is a bonus. So overall i am really happy that they have included this product and thus it has a 4/5 from me!

Welda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil - This retails at $28 which is £17.34 on their website

This is one of the full size products within the Glossybox for July. When i opened the product and took it out of the box it was in i was surprised how much it looked like a medicine bottle and thus this did not appeal to me at all. It is described as being an 'indulgent body treatment that helps slow the ageing process and renders your entire body smooth, firm and naturally beautiful' So again another product for the anti ageing process! The body oil itself smells OK nothing special. I can't really see me using this a lot to be honest as it is not a product that appeals to me as i do prefer moisturisers over body oil as i find body oils can get a bit messy and leave my skin feeling greasy. So overall i am not really that fussed on the product and i am definitely not impressed with the packaging so this will probably just be put in one my draws and forgotten about sadly. 2/5 from me!

Ciate Nail Enamel - skinny jeans 022 This retails at £9 on their website

I was so excited when i saw this in the box as i have a mini obsession with Nail Varnishes! I have tried a 'Ciate' nail varnish before in a red colour and i loved the application and way it applied on the nails and stayed on. I was super excited when i saw the colour as i always stick with pinks and reds so its nice to have a completly different colour in my collection! The colour actually looks lighter in the bottle as it does on the nails. When on the nails its more of a darker blue (as you might be able to see in my video) But overall i am very happy with this being the in the Glossybox and i know it normally retails at £9 so its fantastic to put an item of this value in a box i paid £10 for! 4/5 from me!

Orla Kiely EAU DE PARFUM 5ml -retails at £42 for 60ml and £55 for the 100ml

I love samples of perfumes i love smelling a wide range of different perfumes and deciding what I think. The bottle is SO cute on this perfume and is definitely a sample size at being only 5ml. The smell is gorgeous and i love it! On the website it is described as being,  'A charming fragrance of light floral notes, with natural extracts of rose, geranium and bergamot, subtly balanced with fresh fig and a hint of chocolate.'
I couldn't agree more! The scent is so lovely and light and is just a scent that is definitely suited to summer and when the scent is left on the skin for a time the chocolate note can be smelt which gives it a different twist. I really do love the smell of this and i do think i will be repurchasing! 4/5!   

Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether retails at £22.50 

So here we have ANOTHER full size product (YAY) Now this is the reason people subscribed to Glossybox to get products like this! This is an Illamasqua Powdered metal which can be applied to the face or body to create either a subtle sheen or an extreme meatallic finish. The shimmering pale gold adds radiance to bronzed skins and highlights your skin where applied. So reading that i was hooked and so excited to open the product and try it, and it did not disappoint! It gives a gorgeous sheen when applied on the skin and i am so happy with this! The ONLY thing that i am confused with is that it did not come with any applicator i.e. a puff to apply it with as it does say on the back of the box 'Apply to body and face using an Illamasqua Kabuki brush or the puff supplied' I am not sure whether the puff was not supplied due to the fact that it came from Glossybox or whether they just forgot to put one in? This however is not a massive deal just would have been nice if they would have included one. I am super excited to use this throughout the summer and for this to be worth around the £22 mark is amazing as the box only cost £10!! 4/5!
So altogether i am really happy with this months Glossybox and i really do think i will be subscribing to the next one! The products add up roughly to about £50 which is pretty incredible!
Please let me know what you think of this months glossy box!
Rachel xx

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