Monday, 3 March 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Micellar water has rocketed in popularity mainly due to the infamous Bioderma and now we have different brands trying to recreate the success.
One thing that makes micellar water so popular is the ease that it takes to use and the effectiveness of removing make-up.

The one I have discovered recently is the Garnier offering and by golly it's a gooden!

It comes in a huge 400ml bottle which costs £4.99 but after some research it is at Savers for £2.99! Bargain or what?! I know where I'm purchasing it next!

It removes all of my make-up so effectively with minimal rubbing around the eyes which is a must as my eyes are pretty sensitive when it comes to removing eye make-up.

I think it is a fantastic alternative to wipes and has certainly fitted into my skincare routine with ease. I tend to use this as a pre cleanse as I still feel like I need to give my skin a deeper cleanse to get rid of all the gunk sitting in my pores (lovely I know!)

It simply does what it says on the bottle... What more could you ask for?

Which micellar water are you liking at the moment?

Rachel x

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