Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Make-up that helps keep your skin clear?! Witch Anti-Blemish Beauty Balm and Concealer

Unfortunately it is safe to say that I haven't ever really had clear skin. Since my teens I have suffered from spots which mainly like to place themselves on my chin. Some days are better than others but when the bad days hit they can be really painful and big, the ones that sit underneath the skin and take weeks to disappear. I have found some products that help to keep them under control so my skin is not as bad as it used to be but never-the-less they still love to pop up and say hello!
Now recently I have been suffering from the worst cold which as you can guess has made my skin go berserk so I haven't wanted to irritate it too much which is where these make-up products come into play!

Witch anti-blemish beauty balm
Sometimes I worry that when I put foundation on my skin it just makes the problem worse when it comes to acne as your not letting your skin breathe and repair itself so this is why I picked this product up.
I was initially worried when picking it up as it is a 'one shade suits all product' which if we are being sensible is never going to cater to everybody as we all have different skin tone and colours but I find this to be a good colour match for my skin, my skin is light so I'm normally the 2nd palest shade in drugstore foundations and Ecru in Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation if that helps. So this won't be for everyone which is a shame, maybe they will cater for other skin tones in the future, but for now this is what they have.
This contains witch hazel extract which of course is known to help with blemishes, however I am not sure to what strength that this has that in but it does say on the description that the witch hazel in the product does help to keep the skin clear.
Now because I do have blemish prone skin I am instantly drawn to full coverage foundations but I do sometimes worry that this can in result clog my pores and thus cause more spots so it's basically like a catch 22 of wanting to cover the spots but cause as less irritation to them as possible.
So onto the beauty balm itself, like I mentioned I find that it is a good shade for my skin, because it is a beauty balm it isn't full coverage but it does even out my skin and does cover my blemishes to some extent.
It blends into the skin really easily and I prefer using it with my fingers as it gives me the most control when applying and once it is on the skin I find it gives me a natural look while hydrating my skin, so it doesn't highlight my spots or go flaky around them which is a very good thing!
It lasts quite a long time on my skin which I was actually quite surprised about I would say around 6-8 hours before it needs touching up which is a massive bonus for me!
I just like using this as sometimes I feel as though putting on foundation can make-up the problem worse but with this I am reassured that it is helping my skin rather than making it worse.
I would totally recommend this if it suits your skin colouring as I was quite surprised how good and effective it is and just knowing that it contains the witch hazel to help my skin makes it all that more appealing to use.

I didn't actually mean to ramble on that long but I hoped that has helped give you an insight to my skin and the product and didn't bore you for too long! Ha ha!
Now onto the concealer...

Witch anti-blemish concealer
I really really really LOVE this concealer! Like the beauty balm it contains witch hazel which helps with the spots so using this makes it really appealing to use as I know that I am helping the heal them while covering them too, win win situation no?
It is quite a full coverage concealer and is fantastic at actually helping to hide the blemishes and areas you wish to cover:
I find it lasts a pretty long time before I need to top it up or worry about it disappearing. I have the shade light 01 which is the perfect shade for me but again it is lacking in the shade department as the next shade is medium which again is shame and I hope Witch eventually brings out different shades!
Obviously because you are applying this straight to blemishes themselves this gives it a great opportunity for it to work and I find that when I do use this my spots do become less red and dramatic so kudos for this product! 
It gives a natural look on the skin and doesn't emphasis the spots or make them flaky and for me is really the best concealer I have come across.

So I actually didn't mean for this post to be so long! Once you get me going sometimes I can't stop! Haha!
Hope this has helped anyway and my next post is going to be on sudocream... Classy! Ha ha!

Rachel xxx

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