Wednesday, 20 March 2013

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Water

I'm going to go into this all guns blazing (in a non-violent way, of course) and say this is amazing. A bold statement I know but seriously it is and I am kicking myself for not trying this kind of product before i.e Bioderma.

So this is basically a Micellar water solution that your pour onto cotton wool and swipe over your face to get rid of that make-up you spent to long on in the morning (does that annoy anyone else... Maybe just me then)!

I can seriously say I have never used a product to take off my make-up work so effectively. It literally takes EVERY thing of so easily and pain free. My eyes are quite sensitive when it comes to using any sort of product near them but with this I could probably pour the whole bottle in my eyes (not that I actually would) and know it probably wouldn't even bother them.

I just feel with all the cleansers out there on the market it feels somehow nice to just literally strip it back and put something on your skin that you know hasn't got any harsh chemicals in it and may harm your skin in the long run. Just knowing this is pretty much is water puts my mind at ease and makes it a joy to use.

I think this is a must have for everyone and the fact that Bioderma seems to be hard to get here in the UK this is a fantastic alternative. I'm going to lay it out in black and white and say this is a must have item.

I picked this up for £4.99 along with another L'Oreal Paris cleanser which is the 15 second miracle cleansing oil as it was buy one get one free so expect that post to be up very soon.

Very impressed L'oreal!
Rachel xx


  1. Thanks! been looking for something like this for ages, i find a lot of cleansers and wipes way too harsh for my eyes. going on my payday wish list! xxx

  2. These products are pretty exciting. Looking forward to try them. X