Thursday, 23 August 2012

My 3 Holy Grail Haircare Items for Under £15!

Now I thought I should start of by saying that I'm not really a massive haircare junkie when you compare it to the amount of  skincare and make-up products I do have.
Now I think this is just down to the fact that I am quite fussy to what products I use on my hair but these ones I'm writing about now are just amazing and I just feel like I shouldn't be selfish and keep these little gems to myself so that's why I am about to share this wonderfulness to you all! Aren't I kind ;) ha!

Now before I properly get into it I thought it would be a good idea to give you a run down of my what my hair is like and what I put it through:

  • It gets greasy very quickly meaning I normally do have to wash it everyday
  • I do shamefully apply heat to it everyday or every other day
  • It constantly has split ends which is probably a sign for me to go the hairdressers a little more....
So now I have made it a little clearer lets begin!


Now I actually got this through the post about a week or so, so although I haven't had it for that long I literally fell in love with it from the first use!
This is basically a conditioner that you use everyday instead of your normal one and OMG it is immensely amazing! It literally leaves your hair so soft and shiny and so easy to manage. 
It has 3x the nourishing power of a regular conditioner and you can certainly notice it, It just glides through the hair so easily and it smells gorgeous... Ahhh I just love it!
The most amazing thing is the fact that it is £2.49 for a larger size than I have as I just have the sample. What an absolute bargain! It also has a shampoo to go along with it too so I can imagine together I will have the softest hair in the whole wide world... :D


Now this been on the market for yeaaaars and I can't believe I haven't tried this sooner.
Now my hair likes to have a frizz attack depending on the weather. I could literally have the straightest hair when I'm indoors but as soon as I go out that's when all hell breaks loose and 'Oh hello frizz!' Now this normally happens when there's moisture in the air or lets be perfectly honest just whenever my hair feels like having a frizz day. 
I saw this in Boots and thought I would just pick up the smallest bottle they do just in case I didn't like it or it made my hair greasy but wow oh wow this serum is seriously something else.
After I have washed my hair I apply about 2-3pumps on my hand and smooth through my hair, you really don't need much as a little goes a long way.
Every single time I use it my hair stays exactly the same from when I have left the house to when I come back. There's no frizz, no massive hair just perfect straight shiny hair. It's LOVE :)
Now I noticed there is an extra strength verison of this too which sounds FAB for people with super frizzy hair but this original one is perfect for me :)
The size I have retails at £3.99 and the bigger size is £6.29 which is a bargain!


I believe I got this with one of my glossyboxes and it was pretty much disregarded and put in a draw with a billion of other products. Now this is mainly because I had always thought putting oils in my hair is just going to be a disaster and it's going to make it a greasy mess but one day I decided to use this and haven't looked back since!
Now the first thing I have to comment on is the smell. This is the nicest smelling product EVER. I am not even exaggerating. It smells like the cherry sweets you get in a pick and mix but like a billion times nicer. It smells so nice in fact that when I have it in my bag me and my boyfriend have a tendency to leave it on the side so we can have a sniff it smells SO good.
I put this in my hair after I have styled it and it leaves me hair really soft and shiny. There is no greasy residue at all and it just leaves me hair smelling and looking gorgeous.
I don't think I could ever be without this product as it smells so amazing.
Now because I only use a little bit at a time this sample size has actually lasted me ages so when its run out I'm planning to buy it full size which I can imagine will last me forever, But I had the idea of putting some into the sample bottle I have now so I can easily carry it around with me :)
The cheapest I have found it is for £12.99 which in my eyes is fantastic and I might actually try out the other products they have in the range.

So there we have it! I love all of these products so much and can certainly see myself using them over and over again on my hairy head :)

Rachel xxx

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  1. I have theDove treatment too... its really good!!
    Definitely want to try the Berber oil as well. xx