Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Soap and Glory Haul!

So it may be safe to say I have a  slight BIG addiction to Soap and Glory. I just love everything about their products and the fact it always seems to be on 3 for 2 makes it rude not to buy at least 3 items. Right? ;)

My latest foray into boots was to actually spend my hard earned boots point on Benefit's 'They're real' mascara which was mission acomplished! But I should know by now that any ' I will just have a little look in boots' trip  results me in a bagful of Soap and Glory goodies! Though it's a little hard on my bank account its oh so worth it....

I have only had these beauties a few days but oh my, oh my ohhhh myyyyyy I love them!
These all deserve their own blog post which will be done once I have used these a little more but for now here's a more in-depth look of what I got :D

Scent - Sationalism Gift Set 
These all in their own right smell gorgeous but especially 'Glam-a-lot' and these are basically fragranced body mists. It's always nice to smell pretty right?! :)

Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner

I never actually knew Soap and Glory did Shampoo and Conditioner so this was a nice surprise when I saw this so I thought I would give these a little go... Think I will do a more in-depth post on these once I have used these long enough to know whether my hair likes em or not. Though the conditioner does smell amaaazing...

Kick Ass Concealer
I have wanted this for AGES. This truly has the best name for a make-up product ever don't you agree? Plus I need a new concealer after my lasting perfection one ran out so thought it was about time I picked this up!

Supercat Carbon Black Eyeliner Pen
I really really really needed a new eyeliner pen after my collection 2000 one dryed out so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try this out...

Love at First Blush Blusher
This in all honesty is the prettiest blusher. Ever. In the whole world. I will, no doubt, be doing a full post on this to show you its prettiness < is that even a word "/...

So thats it! All the things I purchased from the Soap and Glory and I have to say I am quite pleased. I got things I actually needed which is always a bonus! So expect more individual posts about these particular items soon as these all deserve there own 15 minutes of fame!
Rachel xxx

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  1. I love Soap&Glory really need to get around to trying some of their makeup. I have heard good thinks about the liquid liner.x