Thursday, 31 May 2012

Free Ciate Nail Polish with Marie Claire

With Marie Claire this month you get a choice of 3 nail polish colours which are:

  • Purple Sherbet - gorgeous purple (if you guessed already :p)
  • Jelly Bean - the most perfect vibrant pink
  • Bon Bon - rather interesting lilac/'griege'
I got Purple Sherbet and Jelly Bean and I CANNOT wait to try these! I simply love the design with the bow on the bottle! Gorgeous!

Rachel xx

In next month they are giving away FREE Avon Mascaras!!! EXCITING!


  1. I got bonbon. It's quite pretty, I just wish it was more pink than lilac

  2. I picked u Bon Bon which is pretty... I really like the look of purple sherbert too so may have to pick that up soon! Love your blog, have followed!

    1. I also picked up Bon Bon aswell but I'm yet to try it out:)
      Aww thanks for stopping by following you too! x