Monday, 20 February 2012

Topshop Nails - Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

So as I promised in my Topshop Nail Polish Haul Post I was going to show you lovely lot the polishes on the nails and so here is my first one of the lot and this is using the shade 'Silver Bullet'... Don't you just LOVE that name?! Ha!
Its a gorgeous metallic silver shade (obv) and looks lovely on my rather weird-different-length-nails... 


 And now tilt your head right.... 1.2.3 GO!
The gorgeous bottle itself!

I really like this shade and think it gives a massive nod to the metallic trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment and thus is a easy way to dip your finger (see what I did there?!) in the trend without having to make too much of a commitment!

What do you think?
Rachel xxxx


  1. The first joliebox was great and the French version is always pretty good so hopefully they'll keep the high standard. :)

    1. Oh great, I may have to definitely check this out on payday! lol :-)