Friday, 4 November 2011

Nails inc Basil Street... Free with glamour magazine!!

I LOVE it when Glamour magazine gives away the free Nails Inc polishes, considering the magazine is only £2 and a Nails Inc nail polish is around £11 its an amazing deal!

They do a range of colours that come free and I noticed they seemed to be dark reds EXCEPT for the one I picked up which is Basil Street. I was drawn to this one as I felt I wanted something a bit different in my collection as I have a wide range of red polishes and so wanted something neutral and this is the perfect neutral shade...

What it looks like on the nails

I'm in love with this nail polish. I apologise for the crappy picture, I found it difficult to try and get a true representation of the colour but I'm sure you can look at other pictures of the polish on the internet and get an idea. 

Make sure you pick your copy of Glamour magazine and get your 'free' nails inc polish! yay!
Rachel xxxx


  1. its a lovely colour, tempted and such a great price! x

  2. I went for the Tate colour, i didn't particularly like the basil street shade when i saw it on the shelf but the more I see it around blogger but more i'm getting tempted to go back for it!

  3. @ Beauty Balm & Rachael Oh pick it up for sure! It's only £2, I personally love it ! :)