Thursday, 3 May 2012

FREE Nails Inc. Polish with Instyle Magazine!

With this months Instyle magazine you get a FREE Nails Inc polish upon which you can choose between three colours!
A pink/purple colour - Power Pink
A blue/purple colour - Bluebell
A light pink colour - Peach Sobert
See how great I am at trying to describe colours?! I apologise! haha!

I picked the Power Pink polish and it looks gorgeous! Can't wait to try it on!
I think the colours are actually exclusive to the magazine so this gives you even more of a reason to pick the magazine up! (As if you needed a reason too anyway!) :)
Let me know what colour you choose!
Rachel xxx

P.S Easy Living magazine are also giving away a Rituals Body cream and scrub which you can check out here!

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