Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Topshop Nails... Ice Crush

Ice Crush...

This honestly IMO is the prettiest nail polish... ever.

Now before I properly start this post I want to point out that the pictures really do not do this polish justice. I found it difficult to get the right pictures to truly represent the way it looks as it is just SO sparkly and beautiful #inlove.

This really was an impulse purchase (Aren't they ususally the best purchases?!) :)
I had finished work and popped into Topshop actually looking for a pair of socks for the boyfriends house and spotted this completely forgot about the socks and was just mesmerised as it is just SO sparkly! I quickly snapped it up and paid £6 for it and walked out the shop very happy with myself! :)

Onto the pictures... yay!
 'Without flash'
'With flash'

It has so many different colours within the polish that sparkles... Blue, green, red etc and also contains bigger hexagon pieces within the polish which give it dimension and just make it look so god damn lovely!

I honestly urge you to pop into Topshop and check this polish out as it is such a gorgeous glitter polish and I can imagine which would look gorgeous over colour aswell! 

Rachel xxx


  1. Such a pretty colour, really need a new glitter polish so will check it out next time I am in Topshop :) xx

    1. Yes make sure you do! I do believe it to be the best glitter nail polish out there! :) x