Friday, 27 April 2012

April Glossybox

The Natural Beauty Box
'Green is the new black didn't you know?'
Now it has felt like forever waiting for this box, but of course the big question is: Has it been worth the wait? My answer is Yes Yes Yes! 

When I first saw the actual box I was a little taken a back as it isn't pink but instead is a lot more 'cardboard like' and so instantly had the idea in my head that the products inside were most likely going to be natural and this made me even more excited getting into the products and seeing just exactly what was going to be inside :)

The products inside:
On the first look of these products I was so happy to see the sizes! They are all really decent sizes and are a fantastic selection of products... yay!

One by one...

CAUDALIE Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum- 10ml
Full size 30ml - £29.00
I have really liked the other Caudalie products that have been included in my other boxes so was more than happy to see this one in here. It is a serum that is be used both 'morning and evening to face and neck before your moisturiser.' 
it is natural and plant based which goes along with the natural theme and sounds like a lovely product to use... :)

INIKA COSMETICS Certified Organic Lip Liner 
Full Size £11.75
Always lovely to have a full size product in a beauty box and this is one of them. To be honest I have never used a lip liner and I know some people got a eye-liner in their box instead which I think I would have probably preferred but maybe this is the push I need to start using one and create a lovely nude lip! It glided on my hand when doing the swatch so easily and the colour is quite natural and I can imagine would pair nicely with a nude lipstick.

AYUURI Natural Body Wash - Rose - 200ml
Full Size 235g £4.95
I got very excited when I first saw this in the box as it's big and a body wash! I have a little addiction to body washes and love trying out new ones so having this included is a massive thumbs up from me!
This range is actually 'based on fruit, plant and flower extracts that have been long used in India to enhance skin's natural beauty.' How lovely does that sound?! It's a gorgeous pink colour and smells lovely so I really can't wait to get in the shower and use this! Excited? Yes :)

FIGS & ROUGE Balm 8ml
Full size 8ml - £3.29

Although I adore the packaging of this I have received this exact one in one of my Feelunique boxes and really didn't like the smell of it. I love the idea behind it as you can use it on your lips and anywhere else on your body that is dry but I just can't use it because of the smell, especially on my lips which is a shame as I would love too :(

I was SO intrigued by this as it actually came in box it would be packaged in as if it was sent on its own... The little clue on the side of the box gave it away 'May cause seriously happy hands!'... Now I LOVE hand creams and so was happy to see that it is a rather decent sized hand cream... Yay!

YES! NURSE Protect Your Lovely Hands 50ml
Full Size 50ml £5.45
Monthly subscription £4.99
This is a lovely hand cream which feels lovely on the skin and smells so clean and fresh! It contains 'essential Omega's and antioxidants to hydrate and revive tired skin.'
Glossybox provide you with a website where you can get 50% off your first monthly bottle and thus meaning that via the website you can either purchase just one bottle or actually do a subscription service where they send you one a month which is a fantastic idea!

Overall I do like this box a lot! I love the theme of it being organic and natural and I think they have created a good selection of products which I am excited to use!

Let me know what you think of this months box and whether you got any different products :)

Rachel xxx


  1. I really like the idea of natural products. It always feels much nicer to put something on your skin which isn't full of harsh chemicals! xx

  2. The box looks amazing!

    1. Yeah it pretty much is :) thanks for stopping by! x

  3. I really like the look of the lipbalm, the packaging I think is very cute! I love your blog, I've just posted my very first youtube video on my channel as I was inspired by YOU to make a channel!:) xx