Wednesday, 29 February 2012

FREE Clinique with Cosmopolitan!

With this months Cosmopolitan Magazine they are giving away 2 FREE Clinique gifts which are included with the magazine (yay!)

So the Clinique items are mini :

  • Superbalm moisturizing gloss
  • High impact mascara
  • 7 day scrub cream
  • Moisture surge 
2 of these are included and I got the Mascara and the 7 day scrub cream :)

I THINK but I'm not sure that the 2 items with the magazine are random so with a bit of luck you can try and find the 2 items you want and hopefully I am next going to try and get the gloss and the moisturise surge :)

Let me know if you get the magazine ! 

Rachel xxx

1 comment:

  1. awesome, great tip!! I love the 7 days scrub. xx