Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lush Magic Wand

One of the best things about Christmas is when Lush brings out Snow Fairy shower gel so I was SO excited when I saw this in the store!
This essentially is a solid version of Snow Fairy and thus is more catered to those who prefer a bath.
If you haven't come across Snow Fairy before it is basically the nicest smelling shower gel you are ever going to come across. It smells so girly, its pink, and it contains sparkles. What is there not to like?! :)

How do you use it?
All you need to do is wave it in the bath until you have the right amount of bubbles you want and it is as easy as that!
after! :)

I love the fact that it is reusable and so you can use this several times! It costs £4.95 which is SO worth it seen as you can use it more than once! :)

I LOVE this so much, it's such a great concept, and hopefully if I get Snow Fairy shower gel I will be able to use these in conjunction and I will smell so pretty... yay! :)

Rachel xxxx 

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  1. this is my favourite Christmas Lush product, great review! x