Friday, 25 November 2011

November Glossybox

So firstly let me apologise for being totally MIA here on blogger world! Just been busy with work, but still it's no excuse and I will be posting more posts on here, as I have actually quite missed it! :p

So onto November's Glossybox:
Excuse me for removing all of the niceties that are normally included in the box, such as the pink little bow and the 'black stringy bits' but I just get so impatient and want to get straight to the products! :)

 'ARBONNE FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Crème 
I love this. In having time to try this out for a few days I can really say it is a lovely hand crème to use. It sinks in SO easily and normally this time of the year my hands get that horrible 'tight' feeling when going from the cold into the warm but since using this I haven't felt my hands getting like this... RESULT! I will enjoy using this throughout the cold days and will most probably be upset when it runs out. The full size retails at £19 so it certainly is not cheap but sometimes we all need to treat ourselves right?! :)

'DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Dead Sea Bath Salts'

So these are bath salts which you add to the bath... obviously.. and they are a 2011 beauty awards winner and are known for 'alleviating dry skin conditions' and 'remarkably improve skin texture'. 
I had mixed feelings about this being included these in the box as I know it's not something I would normally go for, but then that's the whole point of these beauty boxes to try something you wouldn't normally. 
So I used these bath salts and to be honest I weren't sure how much to put in. It doesn't really give any guidelines to this it just states ' add contents to luke-warm bath' Now is that the whole packet? I just put about 2 handfuls in my bath (as you can tell by the picture). To be honest I didn't feel no difference in my skin what-so-ever after coming out of the bath but maybe I didn't use them properly... Let me know how you use these bath salts and I will try that way! ha! 
This retails at £5.50.

'ETRO Etro set of 5 fragrance vials'
I'm going to keep this short. I disliked each one of these fragrances. The end. These retail full size 'from £61 OUCH!

'NAIL ROCK Designer Nail wraps'
I have got another pack of these nail wraps that I got in a previous box that I haven't even used yet so I was surprised that they had given us more nail wraps. I'm now determined to use these (and my previous ones) as I am quite intrigued to what these will look like on. The pattern I got sent is a black and white striped one which I am not overly fussed about, but I will try these anyway so expect a blog post on that very soon! 
This retails at £6.65

Now this is the product I am most excited about! It's a pre shampoo treatment that you use on wet hair and leave on for around 10-20mins covering hair with a 'plastic cap'. It claims to 'add elasticity, manageability. bounce and shine'. The only thing that I thought would be a good idea to include with this product would be a 'plastic cap' that it says you should use when using the product, but maybe that's just me being a little greedy?! ha!
This is a product that will take a little time to use seen as you do have to leave it on for around 20mins so it will be used as a treat... I will do a blog post on this aswell once I have used it and let you know what I think :)
This retails full size at £52.10 OUCH!

So overall I'm not sure what I feel about this box. The stand out items are the hand creme, and the Elasticizer which i'm excited to use! I just hope the Xmas box in December is going to be a good one... It's Xmas afterall! :D
Let me know what you think about this month's box and whether you got anything different.
Rachel xxx 

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