Wednesday, 5 October 2011

FREE Benefit skincare consultation and sample of your choice

So just as I finished writing my post on how you can get a free 7 day trial of a Lancome foundation which can be found here  I found another freebie on Facebook!

Basically when you bring ANY used facial product which can be from ANY brand to your nearest Boots Benefit counter, in return they will give you a free skincare consultation and a free sample of your choice which I believe can either be a sample of their 'potent eye cream' or 'triple performing facial emulsion' !
This is another great freebie and I hope you can all get your hands on these :)
Let me know if you get your hands on these!
Rachel xxx


  1. thanks for posting this! :D knowing my luck, my boots won't do it : (

  2. No problem! Ah but it's definitely worth a look! Let me know if you managed to get a sample :) x

  3. I got mine today - I chose the moisturiser. Looking forward to try it! :)